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How do things start?

    In life, it is not always clear when a beginning happens. It's easy to know when a marriage starts or to mark the beginning of a baby's new life. But not all beginnings are so obvious. Sometimes there have a way of sneaking up on you.

    I do remember my first time in the building, though. Actually, it wasn't for a official meeting for the Sons. It was a flea market that was held to help raise funds for the building, oh, circa 1990 or so.

    The first thing that impressed me was the pictures hanging on the walls of the lower hall -- many of whom held little or no meaning for me at that time. I did not known that they were the faces of past post members : forgotten faces of some of the civil war soldiers that fought in that peculiar war held so long ago. Nor would I know that some of those faces looking back at me through the misty passage of time would be distant ancestors of mine.


    Life is full of them

    But as I mentioned earlier, It was a fundraiser and I bought a few trinkets here and there. I guess as I went into and out of the building, I didn't take time to notice the condition of the building : the pealing paint, or the rotting front steps. Who would? The knowledge of that came much later on after I joined this small little group and I became more involved with the running of the hall.

    In the Winter of 1991, at the prompting of my Uncle Tucker Murrill who was a member then and still is a member of the camp now, I started attending meetings and officially became a member of the Sons in April 23, 1991. There was much to learn and so much information was presented that it took a while digest it all.


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