The Interior
Lower Meeting Hall

The "West Wall"

Pictures of GAR members of the hall
hang from the walls.
They keep a silent vigil over the post.

The "North Wall"

On the North Wall is a picture of Gen. George L. Hartsuff,
the namesake of our Sons camp.
We also have a "patriotic" Christmas tree out early for the season.

General George L. Hartsuff

Although General Hartsuff was not from the local area
nor even from Massachussetts, The boys of the Twelfth
had fond memories of him beginning with the South Mountain Campaign.

The "East Wall"

The sun creates bright spots on the wall below
pictures of General Grant and President Lincoln.

The picture frame to the far Right contains our Camp 50 charter.

The GAR POST 74 Flag

On the South Wall is the Post flag
Proudly carried by the vetrans on Memorial Day

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Timothy J Woodward
Date Last Modified: 01/13/99