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A World long gone by.

    Although nothing can compare with the Stain Glass Windows that you will see later on in your virtual tour of The Hall, the interior has an air of that long lost yesteryear when life seemed so much simpler and care free.

    The sense of history will stike you immediately. In these halls, they once congregated, those members of that terrible conflict from so long ago.

    They would swap stories of the Great Rebellion: their close calls and the depredations that they endured. Some would still carry the emotional and physical scars of battles. They came to be with others that would understand what they had endured and in talking, somehow make the pain seem somewhat less.

    You see, not everyone would make it back home.

    And here they would gather. At first, to make sure that they would remain ever vigilent to protect the Union again should the south rise up in Rebellion - a distinct possibility, they feared at first. Slowly, that fear would dissapate into reconciliation; however, much later when they built the Hall, the Veterans would still point our Cannons in front of the hall South -- just in case. Just as all the Cannon placed accross the North would point South -- just in case.

    They came to discuss the war and how to help the widows and children left behind or the brother who had fallen upon hard times and was in need.

    They conducted meetings in a orderly business-like manner where Roberts Rules of Order would have reign.

    But for 34 years, they did not have a place to call their own. No central location they could gather year after year.

    Time was catching up with them. No longer where their faces as smooth as they once were nor was their hair as dark or as plentiful as it once was. They were tired and old and they were getting ready to disband.

    But, they Ladies of the camp would not let them. They helped raise the funds to build the Hall and make it a focal point for those aging Vetrans to rally around. They left behind -- A Legacy...

    Although the lower hall has been fully restored, there is much that still needs to be done in the Great Hall upstairs. Plaster has fallen down in spots where the rain came through our leaky roof. Only half the roof has been repaired. There are two sides to go on the roof and water still leaks through to the Great Hall in spots. The roof is our top priority but funding is just simply not there to do much about it. On occasion, a roofer or two will donate time for repairs and we are grateful for that; however, work progresses slowly.

    The pictures you are about to view were taken late on a sunny October day in 1998. The light streaming into the building on this day was coming from very low on the horizon and only served to give a warm glow to the interior.

    Without further ado, we present our meeting place.

Lower Hall
Upper Great Hall
Upper Great Hall


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