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Renting the Hall

MAILCALL Mailcall, Vol IX, No.2 Nov. 1993 (27,119 Bytes)
Vol IX, No.2 Nov. 1993

Got a special function?
Need a historic location?
Boy, have we got a place for you!

Not too long ago, the hall had the honor of hosting a Civil War wedding with bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding party suitably attired in civil war apparel.


And although you may not have the inklings or need to get hitched, the hall can be used for other notable functions.

Both G.O.A.L. (Gun owner's action league), UCV (Union and Confederate Volunteers ~ a federation of re-enactors from all the New England units), and the Pythians, (a fraturnal organization founded in 1864 during the civil war as a quazi-union of government clerks) have all held fundraisers in the hall recently.

Renting the hall is easy. Read our Ad from one of our old newsletters:

"COME SURROUND YOURSELF WITH HISTORY...Since its dedication in 1900, our beloved GAR hall has been a focal point in the community, and continues in that role to this day. Both members and non-members are always welcome to rent the GAR hall for meetings and other events. We have a diverse "family" of renters, ranging from church and civic groups to drill teams from the ancient and Honorable Artillery, and we're always happy to add more. Here is our rental fee schedule: Patriotic groups, $35 per meeting Small parties of 50 or less, $35 without kitchen privileges, $50 with kitchen privileges. Large parties of 26-50, $100 Larger parties of 51 or more, $150."

Compare that with prices of other halls and see what a bargain you're getting, especially for a historic hall that is on the National Register of Historic Places

Send an email if you're interested to the address below. Include your name, name of your organization, mailing address of your organization and contact telephone number and we will get back to you with availablity and other info.

And remember, when you rent the hall, you keep the memory alive by keeping the hall running.


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