The Interior
Upper Meeting Hall

The view to the North East

The Camp is laid out on a "Diamond" design.

The various offices are in the following positions:
From Left to Right : The Color Bearer,s Station
(The seat next to the flag), the Guard's position
(chair not present), The Secretary's Desk, and
the Commander's Desk.

The view to the North West

From Left to Right : The Commander's Desk, The Chaplain's
Bench, the Patriotic Instructor's Poduim and chair
(not shown - just outside the picture).

The view to the South West

From Left to Right : The Senior Vice Commander's
Podium and chair and the Junior Vice Commander's
Podium and Chair.

In the Center is the podium for the Bible

The "Commander's Chair"

The Commander leads the Camp by the vote of the membership.
It is one of the elected offices that any member can
aspire to.

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Timothy J Woodward
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