Stain Glass Review
Great Hall - East wall

A window dedicated to the memory of Hebberd.

The Grand Army of the Republic

This window is so named after the parent organization of Rockland GAR Post 74 -- The Grand Army of the Republic. If you were a member of the Union army during the civil war, you were most likely a member of the GAR.

The GAR had so many veterans from the Civil War in it that it became quite a political force during the later half of the 19th century electing many of it's most prominent members to political office. Chief amongst these was General Ulyssess S. Grant.

Detail of The GAR window.

Today, those gallant veterans are gone but they have left behind their legacy : the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) .

Camp 50 nsbp;,descendants of those veterans, has been entrusted to carry on the memory of those members of Rockland GAR post 74.

Stetson Window

This window is so named after the man who owned Stetson shoe factory fame. The towns in the Rockland/Brockton area have been accredited with supplying 90% of the shoes used during the Civil War.

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