Stain Glass Review
Great Hall - North wall

A window dedicated Co A of the 60th Mass Regt.

A window dedicated Co G of the 12th Mass Regt.

A window dedicated to the gallant men of the twelfth Massachussetts who suffered greatly at Antietam in September, 1862

From the regimental:

"At nine a.m., the Twelfth was ordered to leave the field. It came out with thirty-two under its colors, and retired in good order, having lost forty-seven killed and two hundred six wounded (twenty-three of them mortally), and thirty missing, out of three hundred and forty (of which sixty six were on provost duty) (i.e. 90%)."

This is one of two windows damaged from neglect and lack of funding for proper care!

Detail of Co G of the 12th Mass Regt.

During the time of the Civil War, Abington consisted of Abington, South Abington (Whitman), and East Abington (Rockland) -- Where this GAR hall is located.

Co G was from East Abington (ROCKLAND, MA)

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